Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Commercial Ports
Commercial Ports



Damietta Port is situated 10.5 km. west of the Nile river of Damietta branch westward Ras El-Bar, and 70 km. away from Port Said Port. The port installations extend on an area of 11.8 sq. Km. The port is bordered by an imaginary line connecting the eastern and western external breakwaters.


Geographical Overview

Entrance Channel

11.4 km. long, 15 m. deep, and 300 m. wide gradually decreasing to reach 250 m. at the breakwater fringe, the approach channel is bordered by 18 nightly-lit buoys.


The western breakwater is 1640 m. long with 140 m. land-based and 1500 m. sea-based area. The eastern breakwater is 750 m. long with 200 m. land-based and 550 sea-based area. Both breakwaters are made of stacked artificial acrobod piles topped with a concrete head.

Barge Channel

The barge channel consists of two sections; one is 1350 m. long connecting the barge dock to the sea and the other is 3750 m. connecting the basin to the Nile branch. The barge dock area is 250x250 m comprising a 250 m. long, 5m. deep quay.

Turning Dock

The turning dock diameter is 500 m. with 14.5 m. depth at the container berth, and 12 m. depth at the general cargo berth.

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