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Mameesh: Sisi follows up Economic Zone projects and 10.4 milliard pounds budget accreditation.

   Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of the Canal Economic Zone authority has announced that the Zone is following steady steps towards development targets copying with the state’s plan and strategic vision “2030” through accomplishment of some projects of the authority northern and southern sectors, also settlements, solving problems and encouraging investors to increase investments inside the Zone.

  He pointed out that a number of investments claims in the Zone are being studied through specialized committees and also accomplishments of negotiations with Russian side; commencing procedures of establishing a company for Russian Industrial Zone management at East Port Said on an area of 5.25 km2 to be implemented in three phases.   

   Mameesh has also announced approving authority budget for current year 2019/2020 with a total of 10.4 milliard pounds being biggest budget ever and this relying on investment process requirements whether implementing or providing some locations with facilities and infra-structure.   

  Mameesh has also declared that the authority ‘s plan has succeeded in all settlements where all disputes with investors were ended and incomings are expected  during coming years of 3.4 milliard pounds on an area of 18 million m2,  the authority has achieved revenues of which about 244 million pound this year.

Admiral/ Mohamed Shaaban Maarey, southern zone vice head has provided with a report concerning current and future status of the zone; where total exploited land has reached 81.26 km2 of a total of 209 km2 with a percentage of 39%.Also number of companies in the zone have reached 192 servile and industrial companies. 

 Moreover, admiral/ Mohamed Berraya, northern zone vice head, has declared status of East Port Said; where  99% of port’s berths have been accomplished  with a length of 5km also rails for cranes and currently handling yards are being prepared behind concrete berths through soil replacement to reach to 6 ton/ m2. Again 67.5 million m3 have been executed with the soil improvement with an area of 3km2 of total of 16 million m2, 500 thousand m2 of which has been rapidly turned over to East Port Said developmental company. 


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