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Parliament recommendations to the government for the development of ports’ sector

 Parliament transport committee has pointed out that maritime transport sector consists of many ports distributed all over the republic reaching 29 ports, and this needs thoughts and planning then a continuous start for the achievement of set targets and vision in accordance with a time schedule to be implemented. And work is to be parallel with all the sectors components to fulfill comprehensive uprising.


There are 10recommendations the committee has reached during its meeting yesterday for the development of ports sector as follows

1-    Providing with required support for ports with some incentives and facilities to attract private and foreign investments for such bsector and its related services.  

2-    Completion of geographical coverage  of Egypt as a whole with maritime transport services in order to support comprehensive development

3-    Setting  a comprehensive plan for investment projects at maritime ports to be converted to comprehensive logistic centers providing with a group of  activities and services copying with every port. This through the establishment and development of national and infra-structure of maritime ports in accordance with the market economics.

4-     Reinforcing Egyptian ports competitiveness with its international counterparts.

5-     Integration between Egyptian ports to fulfill a ports’ system that meets international, regional commercial and maritime needs.

6-    Developing ports to cope with rapid development in vessels’ volumes and tonnages and with draught depth in order to receive big vessels that currently control international trade traffic.

7-     Enlargement in establishment of  specialized berths  that receives  different types of shipments whether in the form of dry bulk or closed or opened containers   or whether cattle or chemical materials or others specialized berth.

8-    Complete control over all entrance and departure ports’ outlets whether land or maritime. And facilitating all procedures and works inside port.

9-     Reviewing management and operation mechanism of private ports that are managed in participation with private sector to guarantee greatest discipline and propagation without disturbing peace security and economy.  

10- Setting a marketing propagating system for Egyptian ports to attract transit vessels.          


IMO Secretary-General

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