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. Arafat debates cooperation in maritime transport with “Eurojet” and “Hapag Lloyds” delegations.

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister has received delegation from “Eurojet” and “Hapag Lloyds” the first is one of the biggest companies for container terminals’ operation and the second is one of the most important navigational lines and a member of (The Alliance); the line that represents about 50% of handled volume of Damietta port container terminal, the meeting was attended by Dr. Khaled hamdy transport minister first deputy and master/ Tarek Shahin , head of Damietta port authority.  

 Arafat has reviewed different investment opportunities at maritime transport sector as multipurpose terminals at Alex, Damietta and Red Sea port. Pointing out that transport ministry is cooperating with SC authority in preparing for a comprehensive general plan for maritime Egyptian ports, pointing out that this plan will attract investments, create new job opportunities and raise ports’ performance rates  and consequently in revenue by rehabilitation of ports to receive giant vessels  and providing distinguished logistic services  also fulfilling integration between Egyptian ports reaching to a maritime transport system with high efficiency components.

 The German side has expressed his desire to invest in a number of projects on top of which second container terminal at Damietta port which is considered one of the most important great investment projects to be established at the port.  

 Also German side showed readiness for cooperation in the field of containers’ transport from Egyptian ports through railways. Also cooperation in the field of logistics and river transport, where transport minister has assured that there is great concern to transport containers through railways which was capable of performing such mission of transporting during past three months, as from October to December 2018. This in addition to the ministry’s concern to glorify cargo transport  through the river Nile; where the ministry is implementing a plan for the establishment of a number of river ports in addition to continuous dredging of the Nile in order to facilitate  transport process through it, pointing out to the ministry’s plan for the establishment of a group of dry ports  and logistic centers  by private sectors in many sited all over the republic, most important of which “ 6th of October- 10th of Ramadan- Borg ElArab” and also fulfilling integration between the logistic centers and  new Ring road network  all over the republic and by establishing a group of centers at cross road of regional Ring road with main points at the network hence serving trade traffic

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