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Arafat meets with Cyprus maritime transport ministry deputy to debate joint cooperation.

 Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister has received Natasa Bleds Cyprus maritime transport ministry deputy to debate joint cooperation between the two sides in the field of maritime transport. The meeting was attended by Dr. khaled Hamdy, Egyptian transport minister deputy, master/ Tarek Shahin, head of Damietta port and ambassador/ Mahmoud Allam. International cooperation ministry consultant and Admiral Reda Ismail, head of maritime transport sector.

 Arafat declared that transport ministry gives great concern to developing maritime transport and activities related to it weather infra-structure or new systems in managing and operating ports and applying electronic data exchange systems, adding that the ministry has a strategy for developing maritime transport industry represented in activating role of maritime ports and developing investment opportunities, enlarging logistic activities related to ports and surrounding industrial zones.

  Arafat has stressed that the ministry gives  great concern to developing  maritime transport system through a strategy that  integrates with the state’s general strategy leading to support of Egyptian economy and increase of ports’ competitiveness,  also attracting investments and creating new job opportunities, raising ports’ performance rates  and hence increasing revenue; this by rehabilitating ports to receive giant vessels  and providing distinguished logistic services  and fulfilling integration between Egyptian ports reaching to a maritime transport system with high efficiency components and also preparing a comprehensive plan for Egyptian maritime ports  in cooperation with SC authority.  

 Both parties have debated means and mechanism of cooperation in the field of maritime transport and has agreed upon preparing a Cyprus Egyptian committee for such purpose to have its first meeting in either countries; in order to activate agreements between the two sides (maritime navigation cooperation agreement 2006 and memorandum of understanding between Alex ports and Cyprus Lamasol port 2015)   




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