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  • Mediterranean Sea Next Al Karm Start 28 January - Duration 7 days ، Heavy rain

Mameesh: 24% of total global containers trade cross SC

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority has declared that the new Suez Canal has achieved its target in raising capacity and preserving its global status being a pioneer where 24% of total global containers trade cross the canal also it receives 100% of container trade passing between Asia and Europe.    

   Mameesh added that we seek for uplifting logistic and maritime services at SC by adopting continuous developing projects at navigational channel latest of which new Suez canal to cope with vessels’ manufacturing traffic and appearance of a new generation of giant vessels, besides following flexible marketing policies   that can attract new clients and raising competitiveness of canal which is considered quickest global navigational channel.  

  He also pointed out to the canal status raising competitiveness in front of alternative roads first of which Panama canal and most important of which raising percentage of SC participation in crossing trade volume between American eastern coast region and Asia to 52%, despite being geographically within Panama canal zone; which proves the success of flexible marketing polices in keeping and attracting new clients.  

 Worth noting that a delegation of Egyptian immigrants to Australia have visited SC authority amongst a tour organized by immigration ministry for the Egyptians abroad and Dr. Nabila karam, immigration minister said that the ministry has started a program for second and third generations of Egyptians sons residents at Australia to visit SC which embodies a unique example of fruitful work that Egyptians is keen of to achieve development and which will be followed by a number of  visits to other national entities which express  current Egypt development in addition to famous monumental locations  

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