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Transport minister heads PTI and MTS Research and consultation center board of directors meetings

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister has headed meetings of board of directors of Port Training Institute and Research and consultation center in the attendance of vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of Canal Economic Zone, Dr.  Ismail Abd ElGhaffar head of AAST and Dr. Akram Soliman, dean of the institute. During the meeting there was a follow up of decrees and recommendations of the council previous session and a presentation of the institute annual achievement report for the training years as from 1/7/2017 till 1/1/2019.  Where a number of the institute’s activities have been discussed in the field of international cooperation and training services; where international cooperation includes international entities and international ports; there is cooperation in between in the field of training as France, Spain, England and Belgium, also different training activities that the institute provide for a number of Arab and African countries such as Jordan, Kuwait, KSA, Morocco and Angola  

 Moreover, procedures of training future plan preparation have been reviewed where the minister stressed on the importance of reinforcing African cooperation  in MT field training sector, especially after Egypt  becoming head of Afri can Union  in February 2019, and intensifying cooperation between African ports in this field.   

 Simultaneously, Arafat headed the center’s council meeting where there was a follow up for board of directors 60th session decrees and presentation of center’s  achievement report for the year 2018, where duties and continuous works including periodicals of maritime scientific researches, symposiums, conferences and courses undergone by the center also debating accomplished projects and studies  ( study of glorifying  plans of railways and river transport  in transporting  main commodities and containers and other  important studies related to maritime transport.

 This in addition to discussing ongoing studies and projects such as engineering consulting services, supervision works for implementation of berth 85/3 project at Alex port and for establishment of multi-purpose berth at Damietta port.   


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