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Transport minister: increasing cooperation with African countries …. and Egypt will become a logistic center

 Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister has met with admiral/ Reda Ismail, head of maritime transport sector in the attendance of the sector’s officials to debate increasing cooperation with African countries in transport field; through participation of all navigational community parties especially as Egypt is about currently to become head of African Union 2019.  

 The minister has assured on Egypt becoming a logistic center and a center for services; not just a ferry for crossing vessels, hence ports are to be developed so that it will be equipped with facilities for vessels’ bunkering and vessels’ repair shipyards. Adding that the ministry is giving great concern to this study of Egyptian ports development comprehensive plans that MTS research and study    center is undergoing its preparation in cooperation with German consultation bureau where such study will have its great impact on Egyptian ports development strategy implementation copying with Egypt vision 2030 and he directed giving in preliminary reports for the study as soon as possible.  

 Arafat has declared importance of implementing one window system to link port community and facilitate procedures in addition to” Doing Business” starting from Alex port and this to raise Egypt’s classification in an important indicator for implementing comprehensive invoice in all Egyptian ports and he praised actual application at Damieetta port.

 Worth noting that Chinese “ElHarir route” initiative puts into consideration African ports to become one of link chains on such route especially Kenyia Mombassa port at East Africa which will transport cargo and extends to Western coast at Africa

 Africa Development bank and international financing corporations, within the framework of the initiative are investing in financing the infra structure with a sum reaching 60milliard dollars besides concern of international financing corporations   to finance similar projects

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