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Transport minister headed Ports’ Supreme council meeting in the attendance of Mameesh

 Dr.Hesham Arafat transport minister headed Ports’ Supreme council meeting at the ministry’s headquarters  in the attendance of Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of Canal Economic Zone ,Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar head of AAST, head of ports authorities, navigation chamber and trade chambers Union.  

 At the beginning of the meeting the minister assured in a Press release that Egyptian ports during past period have witnessed implementation of many development projects in several fields and establishment of many terminals, developing services and raising ports’ handling capacity; pointing out to the great importance of  maritime transport sector  in supporting Egyptian economy; making transport ministry  in coordination with  SC Economic authority  undergo a  preparation for a study of a ports’ comprehensive plan that concentrates on benefiting from Egyptian ports geographical location  and glorifying  Egyptian ports competitiveness privilege  to serve international trade  and increasing its quota  in transit trade and maximum benefit from ports’ available facilities, and assurance of  best usage of  assets and increasing productivity  and efficiency of ports’ operation  also expansion  in market quota and attracting investment. This in addition to assurance on providing a multi modal transport network  of high efficiency and accreditation  and also providing withy infra-structure  to link ports internally and externally  and setting specific clear implementation plans  on medium and short terms  with concentration on  setting detailed plans for investment  and preparing future development strategy  for ports’ activities: taking into consideration  trade traffic expectations  until 2030 and also required ports’ demand and capacity in accordance with such expectations.   



     The minister has pointed out to the necessity of reinforcing cooperation in maritime field with African countries specially after Egypt heading the African with the start of   this year; hence showing outstanding importance of the council and its meetings debating several subjects most important of which following previous supreme council’s decrees implementation headed by board of directors head on 27/3/2018.  Again achieved development as smuggling combating mechanism, implementing electronic linkage network and comprehensive invoice have been reviewed

 The council has consented in principle to undergo a comprehensive revision of total maritime legislations to cope with international developments and International maritime organization requirements through an international expertise bureau.   

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