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Mameesh: signing a partnership agreement with DP soon for the establishment of International Sukhna Co.

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of SC Economic Zone   has announced the Zone signing a partnership agreement with Dubai Ports “DP” soon for the establishment of a company for developing 45 Km square at Industrial zone at Sukhna, affiliated to SC Economic authority, this after accomplishment of study procedures and technical debates of international Sukhna project and assigning of one of the international bureaus for the project’s study. With a distinguished accelerating installment system, and payment system up to 10years to fulfill all needs.  

 Mameesh has assured concern of political authority in Egypt and Emirates to support such huge project which makes of Sukhna region an international logistic center and fulfills the Economic Zone vision  through establishment of a number of factories  in the field of small and very small industries, in addition to  construction, textile, catering and electronics industries.  

 On the other hand, Mameesh denied  DP overpower of Economic Zone projects or cancelling partnership  with Dubai; assuring  that negotiations are ongoing normally  and steadily, pointing out that unhurriedly is required and also study and debate  is one of priorities for the two parties interest.

 He also negated holding any recent meetings between DP and deputy head of SC authority, assuring that no one is concerned with such subject except Economic Zone administration and that Suez Canal authority is not concerned with any subjects concerning the Zone; being an independent authority with different concerns and targets.   

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