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Appointing Nabil Dwedar MT holding Co. charge’ d’affaires head and 4 new members

  Land and maritime holding company general assembly, headed by minister Hesham Tawfik has approved new board of director’s constitution for a period of three years, where Nabil Dwedar has been appointed charge’ d’affaires head with 4 other new members, according to an issued statement from the company

   The board’s constitution ( 7 members) is as follows:  Nabil Dwedar charge’ d’affaires head and maritime transport affaires member (he pre occupied board of directors deputy head of Egyptian  Co. for imports and maritime works) and the 4 part timers members are admiral/ Tarek Amer, head of board of directors of  ElGesr ElAraby Co.  for navigation ( master and overseas navigator for 22 years at armed forces)  , Dr Amr Kabil, head of board of directors of  Traveco Co. for engineering and establishments, Eng. Marawan  ElSamak,Containers’ Engineering Co. board of directors  head consultant and Eng. Medhat Mahmoud Hatem ElKady deputized member of Kadmar Logistics and Kadmar Travel companies. And from previous board accountant/ Mohamed Yehia Abd ElHamid (part timer member) and head of training committee, Mr.Gebaly Mohamed Gebaly ElMaraghy, Egypt’s laborers syndicates general union representative (part timer member.

  Minister Hesham Tawfik thanked previous board for its exerted efforts, assuring keeness of ministry of public works to pump new generations’ blood and new different experiences in MT holding Co. board of directors; within the framework of developing land and maritime transport sector affiliated companies and exploiting their capacbilities with foreign trade companies in providing with logistic services for investors so that Egyptian exports may reach to new markets in Africa and Europe.    

IMO Secretary-General

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