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Attracting new investments to 605 thousand km 2 at East Port Said port….. establishment of multi purpose terminal and negotiations with international cpmpanies to attract new navigational lines.

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of SC Economic Zone authority, affiliated to East Port Said port, has announced commencement contracting with a number of companies for operating new berths at the port which its first phase inauguration will be during few coming days, Mameesh has revealed the Economic authority signing of contracts with “Sisco Trans” and “Toyota” companies.

 The Economic authority has specified in its contract with “Sisco Trans” an area of 380 thousand km2 at East Port Said port for the establishment of a multipurpose container terminal for all types of cargo and dry bulk so as to serve the berth of length 900 m of total new berths at port in its first phase and which reaches 5 km in length.  Whereas Toyota Co. the authority has specified for it an area of 225 thousand km2 for the establishment of a car handling terminal to become a car distribution center in the Zone.  

 And according to the Economic authority official issued statements and also Mameesh statements, total area that has actually been marketed and to be exploited, as mentioned in contracts between the two mentioned companies, is 605 thousand m2; where this area represents 7.5% of total land area decided to be developed and re-exploited during implementation phases of East Port Said port development project.  

  And according to the mentioned project detailed plan total land area of port’s berths 14km2 “14million km” 4.8 km2 of which is the area of the logistic zone decided to be implemented as part of the developmental project inside port.  


 Whereas remaining area reaching 9.2 km2 is distributed as follows 1.2 km2 the land area specified for Suez Canal Co. for containers which manage a berth at port 2.4km ;“ already existing”, 8km2 targeted area to be re-exploited with the operation of new berths of port; where 605 thousand m2 of which have been specified for the previously mentioned companies.  

 Moreover, SC corridor development authority has also announced  in an issued official statement Mameesh statements where he assured  on the establishment of a multi purpose container terminal at East Port Said port that provides with hundreds of job opportuniuties reaching 33 direct job opportunity  and 2000 indirect opportunity, also expected is the partial operation  of such terminal mid 2019.  

 Mameesh has also assured that targeted investments of such multi purpose terminal are decided to reach about 1.5 milliard pound; noticing the signature of new projects contracts at the port “ 2 container and car handling terminals” working by BOT system.   

 Mameesh has assured that current phase witnesses accomplishment of negotiatoions with mega companies “PSA CMA” with international experience in maritime shipping and navigation; pointing out to their importance in such field: leading to bringing  more  international navigational lines to East port Said port and hence an additional number of vessels crossing the canal.      


IMO Secretary-General

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