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Mt holding Co.: signing Damietta port berths’ deepening contract

 Admiral/ Mohamed Youssef, head of maritime and land transport holding company said that they are about to sign contract of developing and deepening berths of Damieetta port container terminal; of Damieetta company for cargo and container handling at Damieetta port. Head of company has assured deepening of berths will enable the company to receive container vessels to big depths.  

 Youssef has also declared that this project will be financed internally without any loans and pointed out that his company is targeting handling about 1.3 million containers during current fiscal year 2017/2018 whereas 1.2 million containers were handled during past fiscal year.

 Damieetta cargo and container handling company has shown a noticeable improvement in raising of total fundamental activity revenues; achieving during fiscal year 2017/2018 about b1.546 milliard pounds against 1.041 milliard last year with a growth percentage of 48.4%. It also achived a net profit of 1.162 milliard pounds against 908 million pounds last year with a growth percentage of 27.9%

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