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Data about Economic Zone new investment contracts e at “Africa 2018” forum

 As a result of permanent cooperation between SC Economic Zone and ministry of investment and international cooperation, vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of Canal Economic Zone has signed two new investment contracts concerning the Zone, at the margin of Africa 2018 forum. And due to issued official data  of Suez Canal”SC” Economic authoriuty, details of such signed contracts that are to be implemented  at Ain ElSukhna and west Port Said are as follows:

 First contract has been signed with “New Horizon Tank terminal Co. and such contract includes establishment of a terminal for receiving and exporting liquid bulk on an area of 11.5 thousand meter inside West Port Said port. The terminal consists of 30 tank of total storage capacity 35 thousand ton so that expected handling volume may reach 300 thousand ton annually.  The project is to be implemented in 3 phases cost of first phase reach 160 million pound. Such project provides with 400 indirect job opportunities from Customs works, navigation and transport companies. Terminal presumed to be established for bulk chemical materials. Second contract has been signed by ElSwedy Co. for industrial developments and it includes developing of 10 km square at industrial Zone at ElSukhna.    

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