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A floating supply terminal for vessels crossing SC

Head of board of directors of Red Sea port authority, admiral Hesham Abu Sennah, has discussed request of Nile Co. for oil marketing board, one of the companies owned to Petroleum general authority, practicing vessels’ supply activity at Suez seaport; through a floating supply terminal serving vessels and navigational lines at Suez and Red Sea ports and vessels crossing the SC.

 The board has approved the company’s request to work at Suez ports because Suez port is one of the promising attractive zones for such activities for its nearness to vessels crossing the Canal, whether coming from Red Sea or Mediterranean or vice versa, also vessels calling on Port Tawfik, Zayteiat or Adabeyia ports.

 The board has also debated making a protocol with navy Forces for being a contracting deputy to supervise and implement ports’ raising efficiency works, most important of which works of raising efficiency and accomplishment of southern berth and developing hinteryards at Suez Port with a cost of 120 million pounds.   

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