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Marketing incentives bunch to increase vessels’ traffic and attract international navigational lines to East Port Said

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal Economic authority has issued decree number 121 for the year 2018 reducing dues of the port, berthing and pilotage stated by law number 24 for the year 1983 for container vessels and ferries coming from foreign countries to East Port Said port, affiliated to the Canal Economic Zone, and which handles stevedoring transit containers and which is more than 50container in number with a reduction percentage of 0.03 multiplied by number of containers and with a maximum percentage 60%.

  Mameesh has assured that such decree results from keenness of State to activate vessels’ traffic and transit containers handling works at East Port Said port. This was done in coordination with concerned bodies headed by transport ministry to attract global navigational lines and different vessels’ generations that do not call at East Port Said.

 He pointed out that in case of not fulfilling handling volume mentioned in the decree, vessels of tonnages from 30 to 80  thousand ton will be granted a reduction of 30% on berthing, port and pilotage also vessels of tonnages  of 90 thousand ton and more a reduction of 40%

 Mameesh has also added that reductions will also be granted to vessels less than 80 thousand ton with a percentage of 30% and for vessels less than 80 thousand ton 40% of the dues.  

 Mameesh has also assured that such decree is to provide reductions suitable to handling volume at transit ports affiliated to the Economic Zone to increase its performance and to compete with its similar regionally and internationally  

 He pointed out that such decree is concerned with retrieving global navigational lines of East Port Said port and thus increase in vessels’ handling rates at port and thus increase in operation revenues.

 The decree also participates in increase of handled transit container rate and prompting and encouraging investors to establish industrial activities at the Zone’s ports logistic regions.

  He also hinted that it was taken into consideration all requests of the chambers, shipping agencies and all other considerations set by international navigational lines officials in Egypt; pointing out to  Economic authority cooperation with all concerned entities.