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102 vessels crossing SC with tonnages 7.3 million ton in 2days

 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of SC zone general Economic authority said that navigational traffic at the Canal has witnessed during past two days  passage of 102 vessels with tonnages 7.3 million ton

 Mameesh has assured readiness of the Canal to deal with renewables in maritime transport industry  most important of which is improvement in international trade traffic and global vessels’ shipyards trend for manufacturing new generations of giant vessels with big drafts, this what the Canal administration has dealt with  in a successful future outlook   through implementation of New Suez Canal project.  

 He also stressed that the projects achievement rates is going on with steady rapid steps  to glorify the benefit from the Canal unique geographical location which is considered main attracting factor for investment  in the Canal Economic Zone  to exploit huge cargo volume  that passes by annually; applying  added value culture, complementary industries  and logistic distribution and redistribution through six ports and industrial and logistic regions and this what current and future generations will reap its fruit.  

 Navigational reports issued bu SC authority has revealed that Sunday 48 vessels have crossed the canal with tonnages 3.5 million ton and that yesterday, Monday, 54 vessels have crossed of tonnages 3.8 million ton, so that total vessels crossing the Canal during past 2 days were  102 vessels of tonnages 7.3 million ton.  

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