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A million and a half revenues of Damietta Container handling Co. 2017/2018

General assembly of Damietta Container and Cargo handling company, affiliated to Land and Maritime transport holding company, has been held to accredit results of the company’s work in 2017/2018 headed by Admiral Mohamed Ahmed Youssef, head of the holding company.

  Results have shown a great increase in the company’s performance and this is clear in achieved revenues total during the year; about 1.546 milliard pounds against 1.041 milliard pounds in previous year with a growth percentage 48.4% , whereas net profit reached 1.162% milliard pound against 908 million pounds in previous  year  with a growth percentage 27.9


  Such increase is a result of increase in containers handling rates, where the company achieved 1.323 million containers during past fiscal year compared with 990 thousand containers during fiscal year before last. This is due to the following: Damietta port authority increasing draft to allow entrance of vessels with 14.50m draft, providing with miscellaneous navigational services that led to increase in number of handled containers of navigational lines and clients of the company and also encouraging exports by giving reductions and price privileges to enhance its competitive status coping with state’s general policy.       

IMO Secretary-General

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