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Crossing of 384 vessels SC of tonnages 25million ton in a week

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of canal general Economic authority said that navigational traffic at the Canal during last week has witnessed crossing of 384 vessels of tonnages 25 million ton.

  Mameesh has assured that the Canal is ready  to deal with maritime transport sector new giving   most important of which improvement of global trade traffic indications and trend of international vessels yards to manufacture  new generations of giant vessels of big drafts; this what the Canal has dealt with with a successful future outlook through the implementation of the New Suez Canal.

  Mameesh has stressed that accomplishment rate of the Canal Zone development project is moving with rapid steady steps to glorify benefitting from the unique geographical site of the Canal which is considered main attracting factor for investment in the Canal economic Zone; in order to exploit huge volume of cargo that cross it annually; implementing added value culture, complementary industries, logistic distribution and redistribution through six ports and logistic and industrial zones and this current  and new generations will reap its fruit

 Navigational reports of the Canal authority has revealed that Friday 50vessels have crossed the canal of tonnage 3.2million ton, Saturday 67 vessels with 4.4 million ton, Sunday 59 vessels of tonnages 4.1 million ton, Monday 59 vessels with tonnages 2.8 million ton, Wednesday 58 vessels with 3.8 million ton and Thursday 46 vessels so that total vessels crossing the Canal during past week was 384 vessels with tonnages 25 million ton.  





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