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Most modern passengers’ vessel crosses SC directed to Far East

  Amongst North convoy, giant passengers’ vessel “Fayking Orion “has crossed the Canal yesterday in its first voyage coming from Berious port at Greece and directed to Far East, where it is decided to visit a number of Egyptian ports amongst which Safaga and Sharm El Sheikh ports. This within the framework of tourism encouraging efforts at Egyptian ports, where it will continue its voyage to Aquaba and Salalah and regions South East Asia, Newsland, Australia and Alaska.

 And according to followed protocol of SC authority vice admiral Mameesh, head of authority has deputized master Galal Ghoneim, senior pilot, together with a delegation from public relations, Press and media to ascend on deck and salute and give the authority’s armor and flowers to the vessel’s master on the occasion of the vessel crossing the Canal for the first time, Mameesh has also given instructions to provide with all navigational support as pilotage tugs, company and appointing professional pilots to guarantee  crossing of the vessel with safety and security.

  From his side, master, Ron Lokling, has expressed his extreme happiness with the development of provided navigational services, praising the complete cooperation and professionalism of the authority’s pilots adding that the crossing of the Canal and visiting a number of Egyptian tourist port is an exciting experiment and deserves praise.  


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