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Transport ministry and AAST signs comprehensive plan for Egyptian commercial ports 2030.

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister has signed with Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar, head of Arab Academy for Science Technology and Maritime Transport “AAST” contract of implementing the study of Egyptian maritime ports comprehensive plan 2030.   


 Arafat said: “due to the great importance of maritime transport sector and high expenditure of the establishment and implementation of development projects at Egyptian maritime ports, the ministry after coordination with SC Economic authority, has assigned the general authority for transport projects planning in cooperation with MTS research and consultation center to prepare a comprehensive study in accordance with the signed protocol between the authority and the research center.  He said that this choice is due to the center being a research center that has undergone many studies and financial and technical presentations in partnership with consultation bureau of Germany Hamburg port, aiming at fulfilling integration between ports, taking into consideration glorifying competitive privilege of each port to prepare General plan of commercial maritime ports up till 2030.  


 The minister has added that Egyptian Ports comprehensive plan targets concentration on benefitting from the geographical site and glorifying competitive privilege of international trade service and increasing its quota, also maximum benefit  of available  facilities at ports, assuring best usage of  assets, increasing productivity, operation efficiency  at ports, expansion in market quota and investment attraction.


 Arafat has also added that this in addition to assuring provision of   multipurpose transport network of efficiency and   infra-structure to link the ports internally and externally and setting specific clear implementation plans with concentration on setting detailed plans for investment and preparing trade strategy till 2030 and demand and required capacity at ports  in accordance to such expectations.


 The minister has pointed out to concentration on four main missions   for study which are analyzing current status of Egyptian ports with regards to capacity, maximum exploitation of available capabilities on national level and every port separately to set an integrated ports’ strategy to raise its ability and develop multipurpose transport services, analyze competitive status and making scenarios of expected demands on medium and short terms up till 2030.  


 This in addition to forming a strategy for developing ports’ facilities and infra-structure related to them.  “Comprehensive national ports plan” and setting implementation plan with concentration on setting total required details for implementation and specifying priorities.        

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