Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea Next Al-Azraaa (Al-Moakhr) Start 16 April - Duration 13 day ، Spring
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Khamsin to easter Start 23 April - Duration 2 days ، Hot

Arafat: development of maritime and river sectors during coming 4 years.

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister, has assured that there will be a great leap for maritime and river sectors during coming 4 years, this was said during Parliament’s transport and communication committee meeting  headed by member of parliament Hesham Abd ElWahed.

 The minister has stated that the ministry has undergone a dredging process for Alex port where the port’s depth was 12m and after last dredging process the depth has reached 15.5 million pound. Also Dekheila Bridge has been established and accomplishment of work will be by end of next August and will serve the whole region and will lead to cargo transport fluency

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