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Prime minister follows up SC Economic Zone projects.

-         Preparing a detailed investment plan for East Port Said, Kantara and Sukhna to provide with information and areas for investors.

-          Signing contracts and solving disputes with 25 investor and 7 new companies; providing with million job opportunity.

-         Prime minister gives instructions for continuous follow up of projects ‘executive status and rapid accomplishment of infra-structure.  

-         Mameesh: SC has achieved revenue reaching 5.6 milliard dollars in previous fiscal year, which is highest annual revenue ever.  



  Dr. Mostafa Madbouly, prime minister has met with vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal “SC” authority and of SC Economic Zone general authority to follow up implemented projects and during the meeting Mameesh has presented what has been executed in the Economic Zone up till 2018, which included administrative development of the zone; where a project has been prepared for administrative restructure in accordance with  administration criteria  that by necessity reflects on investor service  or attracting investments.


 Also a detailed investment plan has been set for East Port Said northwards, Kantara westwards and Sukhna southwards to provide with all required information for investors concerning different industries at the Zone and also available areas for investment for each industry. Such investment plans have been published amongst Egypt’s investment plan. Also contracts have been signed and solving disputes between 25 investor, thus increasing investment flow to the Zone, again contracts have been signed for the establishment of 7 new companies at the Zone with different investments providing with million job opportunity and financing establishment of advanced training centers for Egyptian technical laborers


 Vice admiral Mameesh has also presented Canal’s revenues current status, where he pointed out to fiscal year 2017/2018 achieving revenue reaching about 5.6 milliard dollars with an increase of 600 million dollars compared with previous year with a percentage of 12%.  


 He also added that marketing policies since Canal inauguration till now”2018” have achieved revenues  of about 1.462 milliard dollars , hence for the sake of national economy  being  a fundamental feeder for currency. He again noted crossing of biggest petroleum dredger the New Canal coming from Singapore to UK.  And presented a report concerning taken procedures to implement “Common invoice “system for services provided for crossing vessels and starting experimental implementation for the system as from March 2018 to unite vessels reimbursed dues


 Mameesh has also reviewed projects undergone by the authority  which includes establishment of many floating bridges  to link Canal’s two banks with Port Said, Ismailia and Suez and establishment of new ferries  and project of building and importing 2 dredgers IHC that are under construction by a Holland company.  


   Moreover, there are residential projects currently implemented at the Canal three governorates for the sake of workers, he again showed works implemented by “Egyptian Emirates Co. for dredging and maritime establishments” inside and outside A. R. E, including navigational channel maintenance and ElDawaran dock at Damietta port.  


  From his side Madbouly has praised exerted efforts assuring that this Canal Zone developmental plan in on top of state’s and government agenda in order to make of Egypt a logistic center on international trade map.


  He also directed for the necessity of continuous follow up of implementation of all projects and rapid accomplishment of the Zone’s infra-structure to serve investment target. And also directed for the importance of marketing that participates in forming propaganda plans of Economic Zone investment maps


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