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Transport minister: maritime and river transport sector has witnessed a great leap in past 4 years time.

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister said that what happened during past 4 years in maritime and river sector completely differs from what happened before in the past 4 years and there will be a great leap in maritime and river sector assuring that the ministry is undergoing a dredging process at Alex and Dekheila ports where the depth of port is 12m and after last dredging process it has become of depth 15.5 m with a cost of 3 million pounds.  

  Arafat has continued during his word at transport and communication committee last week that Hurghada port also has been modernized and fitted with a terminal together with Red Sea Port, Nuweiba port and Damietta port   which has also been dredged.  

  Also, Dekheila bridge has been established and will be accomplished by end of next August and it will serve Dekheila  zone and will lead to  fluency of cargo transport and it has been established from the surplus of Dekheila port and also Gate 54 bridge at Alex port saying:  “ river transport was abandoned before but now  we are undergoing a dredging process in the Nile, between Luxor and Aswan, and will be executed before the start of coming touristic season  and we depend on  national companies ; where there has been a contract between the ministry and Suez Canal authority  for undergoing the dredging.  

  Moreover, there will be a link between Egypt and Sudan through Kastel and Arkeen ports; trade traffic between the two countries has increased as we are one nation living in two countries. Also logistic zones will be established at Arkeen port and also a compiling zone.     

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