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Abd ElGhaffar: modernizing ports a start for maritime transport development in Egypt

   Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar, head of AAST said that announcement of the commencement of Egyptian maritime ports general plan is an important day in maritime transport sector where Egypt development future lies in such vital maritime transport sector.

  He also pointed out that Egyptian maritime ports’ plan study has commenced, adding that they sought the help of international expertise in such workshop  to commence such  study of Egyptian maritime ports’ comprehensive plan; coping with Egypt vision 2030, and assuring that the aim of the study  is Egypt obtaining  its suitable status in international trade volume.

 Worth noting that transport ministry has hold a meeting to announce commence of Egyptian maritime ports general plan; implementing  the signed protocol between transport ministry and AAST  in the attendance of  vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of SC authority and of Canal Economic Zone general authority,  Dr. Ismail Abd ElGhaffar,  head of AAST and head of Egyptian maritime ports.   

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