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Mameesh: SC achieves highest annual revenues in its history

- International shipyards are guided by Suez Canal dimensions in manufacturing new generations of giant vessels.

 - 3 investment maps for the Economic Zone and approved amongst Egypt comprehensive map.


 Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal (SC) authority and of Canal Economic Zone has announced that the navigational statistics of the Canal during past fiscal year has recorded an unprecedented increase in revenues: achieving highest fiscal revenues along its history reaching 5.6 milliard dollars against 5 milliard dollar during last fiscal year.  The Canal revenues have increased in Egyptian pounds during the same period with a percentage of 35.3% which is equivalent to 25.8 milliard pound. Where the revenues have reached during current fiscal year 99.1 milliard pounds against 73.3 milliard pound during last year

   Mameesh has also added that navigational traffic at the Canal has taken steps towards developing Canal navigational channel to reinforce its competitive status with other navigational routes, and it followed flexible marketing policies resulted in attracting new navigational lines that never crossed before; achieving revenues of about 600 million dollars during the period from July 2017 till end of June 2018.

  He assured that statistics and navigational traffic indicators at the Canal prove day after another technical and economic feasibility of New Suez Canal project that succeeded in its pioneering status globally and raising its efficiency in receiving new generations of giant vessels of big draught that international vessels’ shipyards  tends to manufacture  to benefit from volume economics.  

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