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Alex port debates means of activating maritime tourism between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece.

   Reda ElGhanddour, Alex port spokesman said that they host the meeting between transport ministry, tourism ministry, economic Zone and Egyptian companies working in the field of maritime tourism within the framework of activating the project of touristic maritime linkage between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece.  

  The meeting was attended by admiral Eng. Mustafa ElDeeb, transport minister consultant for maritime and river transport and Dr. Emad Hassan,  tourism minister consultant, admiral/ Medhat Attia, head of board of directors of Alex port authority, admiral/ Reda Ismail, head of maritime transport sector, captain/ Hassan Elshazly,  Economic Zone and Port Said ports’ consultant. This in addition to representatives of private sector companies working in the field of touristic maritime voyages.

  ElDeeb said that Suez Canal and Alex port are two important gateways for maritime tourism in A.R.E and both of them, together with majority of Egyptian maritime ports affiliated to transport ministry, are ready to receive touristic maritime voyages. ElDeeb, has assured on the necessity and importance of good coordination with Egyptian tourism chambers and other concerned bodies to activate touristic process , claiming the constitution of a marketing committee, to be chosen carefully,  to activate all suggestions  concerning  cooperation between concerned entities in order to operate the navigational line between Egypt, Cyprus and Greece, in a way that a specialist from each entity  will be  responsible  to activate  any recommendations and solving any problem that confront maritime tourism traffic.  

 On the other hand, admiral/ Attia, head of Alex port authority said that maritime passengers’ terminal and its berths are ready to receive touristic vessels and tourists, assuring that specialists at the port  facilitates any obstacles  that hinders tourism traffic. It also provides with all facilities and priorities whether for tourists or touristic vessels coming to the port on arrival till departure.  

  Attia has also added that such meeting aims at presenting current status of the initiative of touristic maritime vessels sailing between Egypt, Greece and Cyprus, and representation of accomplished procedures in this respect and also current status and future vision.  It also shows readiness of Egyptian ports to receive touristic maritime vessels and any obstacles. Moreover, the meeting targets listening to the point of view of representatives of private sector companies working in the field of touristic maritime voyages to get closer point of views and to acknowledge obstacles and how to be solved and cooperation  in order to activate  maritime tourism for the benefit of all.   

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