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SC achieves a ranking annual income of 5.585 milliard dollars

  A statement of Suez Canal “SC” authority has revealed   that current year Canal revenues 2017/2018 has increased 11.5 percent to a ranking standard reaching 5.585 milliard dollars.

 Though fiscal year did not yet end, where it starts first of July and ends 30June,  and it did not give a reason for  announcement of such number now: previously it has announced  increase in revenues  as from May  and anticipated  a ranking number  for the whole year: referring that to international trade growth  improvement in maritime transport sector and SC expansion in 2014 that aimed at refreshing economy  and retrieving trust in  in the countries location being a trade traffic center. This although Egyptians in general have been harmed of the loan program of the 12 milliard dollars from international monetary fund at the time, yet some economists say that it will help economy to return to its right track.  

IMO Secretary-General

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