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100 million dollars to link the Nile with Suez Canal Region

Transport minister has commenced undergoing required studies for the implementation of two projects to link the river Nile with the Economic Region, so that the first expands from Damietta then to Manzala Lake and linking it with the Canal Economic Region and the second dredging a new branch of Ismailia canal as from kilo112 till the entrance of the Canal in the industrial region to transport cargo and containers by ships and barges.  


  Dr. Abd ElAzim Mohamed, head of River transport general authority  said that a number of Arab companies  have nearly accomplished  legal procedures  to commence implementation of the project with investments reaching  100 million dollars, declaring that Ukraine  has started  last April  exploring the project sites and the navigational channels  and its suitability  and has agreed with the authority  to transport strategic commodities  through signing protocol  in cooperation with  Supply ministry  and added that Ismailia canal with its current status  is unsuitable to link with Canal Economic Region; and hence the amendment, because the  bridges  established on it  as from kilo 112 to kilo 128 have resulted in a great  problem  in barges traffic.  


   He declared that the authority is working to achieve and activate   transport ministry strategy amplifying benefitting from river transport system and cargo transport; being a great added value a multipurpose transport mean  and one of the important solutions that lightens burdens on  the road  network and consumes fuel; pointing out that strategic commodities  has been transported from  the general company  for silos and grains  at Alex port  to the company’s silos  at Imbaba  district  at Giza of tonnages 1200 ton, the matter that gives the port  a competitive  privilege  and contributes  in encouraging companies  to increase  transported percentage  from Alex port through the river Nile.      


IMO Secretary-General

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