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Mameesh: inauguration of East Port Said port beginning of 2019


 Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal Economic Region General authority declared that implementation has started of the Canal dredging and its development project after President Sisi consent and removal of the sand of the New Canal represents 10 times volume of the pyramids.

  Mameesh has also assured that foreign investors at the Canal are increasing day after another. He again declared that during specifying investments in the Canal region, Port Said Region has been allocated for light industries and heavy industries at Ein ElSukhna due to the nature of soil in the two regions.


 He has also added that East Port Said port will be inaugurated by the beginning of next 2019; pointing out that such port will be linked with Mediterranean countries then east and west of Europe till eastern coast of USA and the port will make of Port Said a “balance” between all countries of the world.  


 Worth noting that Mameesh said that he will announce achieved revenues which are considered the highest ever by next July, by the new fiscal year, where the Canal has followed a flexible marketing policy; providing facilities for the far lines in order to cross the Canal.


 He again praised the new investment law which solved all investors’ problems in addition to electricity ministry providing with required energy to help investors in the new projects.   

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