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Arafat: MT will witness a great investment leap in 2018.

Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister said that maritime transport has witnessed a great investment leap this year; where a number of giant specialized projects will be announced for during the coming period  at the ports affiliated to the ministry. 

 Arafat has added that the projects that are undergone in the Economic Region of the Suez Canal are a great achievement and that there is cooperation between ministry’s ports and the Economic Region: pointing out that the ministry has started implementation of two multi purpose terminals  at Safaga and Neuweiba  with a cost of  850 million dollar  for the sake of serving trade traffic  between Egypt and the world  and linking with Arab countries and they are the first specialized terminals  for cargo and containers  on the Red Sea at South and north Egypt.


He also mentioned that they will start Petrochemicals project at Damietta port  to serve  Gas projects  and converting Egypt  to a world center  in energy  and pointing out that  Egyptian ports affiliated to the ministry  will achieve a net revenues profit reaching 9 milliard pounds this fiscal year 2017*/2018  withg an increase about 30% than previous year.

 From his side admiral/ Reda Ismail, head of maritime transport sector  said that the sector is one of the important vital and serving sectors  which  comprehend and support  all other  production sectors.  Transport ministry  has adopted  a vision that targets fulfilling development requirements and reinforcing  competitiveness regionally and internationally and increasing  efficiency of transport services performance economically and technically within the framework of  Permanent development.  Where a Master plan has been set  for ports and specialized terminals and also a mechanism has been set to achieve  integration between working communities to support  logistic performance  indicators to upraise supply chain 

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