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Sisi gives instructions to continue developing and reinforcing SCA capabilities.


  President Sisi has met with vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh; head of Suez Canal authority and of SC Economic general authority in the attendance of admiral/ Abbass Kamel,  charge’ de affaires of the Intelligence.

 Ambassador/ Bassam Rady, presidency official spokesman has announced that Mameesh has reviewed during the visit recent developments of the economic region, pointing out to increasing interest of grand international companies to invest in it. He also reviewed implementing status of the new tunnels that are under construction and also establishment status of Sukhna and Port Said ports.

 Mameesh has also assured that the authority’s policy in encouraging  investment in the Suez Canal “SC “region  is based on providing incentives  and overcoming all obstacles  in front of the investors: with concentration on industries that provide more working opportunities and pointing out to  signing of a number of contracts with international investment companies  at the Region, and pointed again to signing of establishment agreement of “Russian industrial zone”  at SC Region East Port Said  on an area of 5 million, 250 thousand square meter  and how this reflects on increasing international interest in this central region.  

 He has also reviewed ongoing work at Suez Canal authority “SCA “ , pointing that the Canal has achieved during first five months of current month an increase in revenues of 13.4% compared with its revenues during the same period last year  

 Whereas current May month revenues have achieved an increase of 16% than same month last year Pointing out that current May month revenues are considered the highest. He also declared that current trend for raising the Canal efficiency and Egypt ownership of a fleet of maritime services vessels will make the region leap to regions of more investment attraction in the world.  Again drawing attention to providing of more maritime and logistic services that will change the region‘s future and make it qualified for the establishment of many strategic industries.  

 Presidency spokesman also mentioned that president Sisi has given instructions  to continue exerting efforts  in order to develop and reinforce  Suez Canal authority  capabilities ; assuring on the importance of uniting efforts  of state’s corporations  for the success of  such projects and their implementation in the Canal region  and quick accomplishment of required infra-structure  projects in it, in a way to guarantee increase of investment opportunities  and providing  more work opportunities, this within the framework of the comprehensive  development process  that the state is following recently.    

IMO Secretary-General

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