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Transport ministry commence a supervision and follow-up study for incoming containers

Transport minister has commenced final studies to implement the project of control and follow-up of incoming containers to Egyptian ports within the framework of a comprehensive accurate securing plan that the state undergoes at land and maritime ports and raising Egyptian ports’ standards to fourth generation ports and facilitating international trade traffic in Egypt.

 Sources at transport minister has revealed that the state had started this project study in 2012, this after entrance of containers to the country with prohibited stuff, weapons and confiscation of incoming containers from Turkey  carrying fireworks and toy weapons . The minister said that the ministry represented in maritime transport sector has approved the project in 2014 and that the Cabinet has approved it on 15/3/2017 and issued letter number 9-6362 for the  start of implementation of the so called “smart logistics and containers fund project “  

 He also added that land and maritime transport holding company has been chosen at Damietta, Alexandria and Port Said terminals where they welcomed to undergo implementation for its many benefits on exporters, importers and the state in general. He also declared that state’s expenditure is nil and that the system saves from 500 to 5 thousand dollars for each container and every voyage for the exporter or importer as he obtains a reduction of about 30% of the maritime insurance and saves time, effort and labor, this in addition to preventing robbery and smuggling and decreasing what is damaged or wasted.


  Dr. Arafat has set a comprehensive plan for maritime transport sector that aims at raising classification of Egyptian ports to fourth generation or smart ports and that this leap  is the start of implementing development of Egyptian ports, in addition to its main role in preserving national security s through prohibiting  entrance of weapons, drugs and radiating substances.

 He also assured that most of smuggling processes and containers’ opening are executed through sea and are not predicted and that the follow-up device shows any trial to distort or open any of which at sea; through sending signal to control chamber that the container that has such number and onboard of which an attempt for opening it at such specific area.  


 Arafat also declared that German Hamburg ports and Netherland Rotterdam port apply such system of supervision and follow-up of containers coming to and fro  and that Egypt  will not bear any expenditures of establishing such system in Egyptian ports and that management will not be with navigational lines but with shipping companies  that undergo importing and exporting  to and from the country.  






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