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A strategy for the development of maritime transport industry and logistics

    Admiral/ Mustafa ElDeeb, maritime transport ministry consultant has assured in Press statements on the status of the Mediterranean and its ports in maritime transport traffic and logistics activities all over the world: exchanging experiences and searching means of cooperation and maritime and logistic linkage with multi-purpose transport means in north and south Mediterranean countries.

 ElDeeb has also pointed out to the role the Euro Mediterranean cooperation plays through existing partnership between Mediterranean north and south countries in many fields most important of which maritime transport field. He also said that conferences represent an important opportunity for SC authority and Economic region officials and ports affiliated to transport ministry to get acknowledged and communicate with their counterparts at Euro Mediterranean ports authorities  and to work with organizations, centers and corporations concerned with  developing maritime transport industry, adding that we are keen to acknowledge all such entities with what Egypt has achieved  and of strategic transport ministry vision  to develop ports and logistic sites and multipurpose  transport means related to it; where the ministry gives great concern to developing maritime transport industry and activities related to it whether infra-structure or modern system in managing and operating ports  and applying electronic information handling system. 


He has declared that the ministry has set a prolonged strategy for developing maritime transport industry, following transport minister instructions represented in activating maritime ports role and developing investment opportunities and expanding in logistic activities related to ports and industrial sited surrounding them.  Also setting a general plan for developing and raising efficiency of maritime ports and developing maritime transport system with a strategy that comprehend with State’s general strategy.  Hence, leading to support of Egyptian economy and increasing its ports competitiveness, attracting investments, creating new work opportunities and raising ports’ performance rates: consequently increasing revenues due to ports’ rehabilitation; to receive giant vessels and providing distinguished logistic services and fulfilling integration between Egyptian ports: reaching a highly efficient maritime transport system.    


   ElDeeb has also assured that they are working to attract navigational lines and retrieving Egypt’s pioneering status in maritime transport regionally and globally.  This through linking ports with multipurpose transport means (railways and river transport), consequently consuming energy, preserving environment, improving safety and security system and supporting economic development taking into consideration environmental dimension, also accomplishment of modern projects  in accordance with  state’s development policies, developing ports, and accomplishment of electronic managing system  and linking  them with port community. Again, developing stevedoring system to raise performance rates and reduce rate of vessels and cargo stay at ports. Moreover, developing human resources and providing with modern training programs and legislative structure coping with international developments, treaties and international commitments finally, developing Egyptian fleet and increasing its quota of Egyptian foreign trade in cooperation with ministries and concerned bodies. He also added that the ministry has set a strategy to develop logistic system based on a strategic vision represented in establishing a competitive permanent secure logistic and transport system that increases productivity, decrease cost and raise Egyptian exports; increasing Egyptian exports competitiveness and decreasing import cost. He also pointed out that the strategy consists of two components first of which is infra-structure or so called “Hard- logistic” and its articles are represented in establishing dry ports and logistic centers and converting Egyptian ports to logistic ports also establishing distribution centers on high way and here the ministry adopts a vision for redistribution between different transport means (roads, railways river).           


 He also declared that the second component is the so called “soft- logistic” and represents increasing awareness of the importance of  logistic system  and its role in serving industry, trade and building human capabilities  in the field of logistics for both private and public sectors  to raise performance of  logistic importers  and establishing a logistic entity to guarantee logistics services quality and supporting decision making to overcome congestions by supply chains.   




IMO Secretary-General

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