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Mameesh: passage of 467 vessels the Suez Canal of tonnages 31.9 million ton during 9 days.

  Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of general Economic authority of the Canal region, said that navigational traffic at the Canal  has witnessed during past nine days passage of  467 vessels of tonnages 31.9 million ton.

  Mameesh has assured in Press statements that the score the Canal has   recorded is considered an important indicator that reflects improvement in international trade and in maritime transport industry and in international shipyards trend for manufacturing giant vessels with big drafts; this what the Canal administration has got ready for beforehand through the implementation of New Suez Canal project that succeeded in raising the Canal classification globally by the increase of its capacity. This in addition to following attractive marketing strategies to encourage grand navigational lines to use the Canal instead of other alternative means

 Issued navigational reports  of the Canal have revealed  that Thursday 53 vessels have crossed the Canal with tonnages 2.9 million ton, Friday 46 vessels of tonnages 3.2 million ton have passed, whereas Saturday 53vessels of tonnages 4.3 million ton have crossed,  Sunday 44 vessels, Monday 55 vessels of tonnages 2.8 million ton, Tuesday 58 vessels of tonnages 3.3 million ton have passed from both directions, Wednesday 53 vessels of 3.9 million ton and Thursday 56 vessels of tonnages 3.5 million ton and finally Friday 26 vessels crossed with 3 million ton; so that total crossing vessels has reached during past 9 days 467 vessels of tonnages 31.9 million ton   

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