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Completion of Dubai ports negotiations soon

   Board of directors of Suez Canal Economic Region headed by vice admiral Mohab Mameesh has held a meeting to debate current status of projects and investments at both northern and southern sectors and what has been accomplished in developing some of the industrial regions and also ports.

 Mameesh has also added that work implementation rates at the Economic Region is successfully going on parallel with marketing for the region’s projects abroad, adding that negotiations with International Dubai ports are in their final stages: so as to start a new work phase during the coming month simultaneously with attracting investors  to establish projects at Ein ElSukhna region.  

 Mameesh has also added that investment has led to more cooperation with major investors in the world: creating a new atmosphere between the authority and its companies and hence setting the region on the international map and this is a great success for all.

  On the other hand, Mameesh has also assured that implementation rates of work at the new berths at East Port Said is about to be completed in cooperation with armed forces Engineering authority, pointing out that East Port Said port is one of the most important containers’ distributing centers through a feeders vessels network, hence increasing transport in foreign currency for the treasury.

  He also pointed out that East Port Said port investments have reached 1.8 milliard dollars and provide 800 direct work opportunities, adding that next September and after the completion of new maritime berths and dredging works and choosing best berths’ operators, every operator will commence immediately in equipping berths with cranes and preparing back yards behind the maritime berth to start directly in operating the berths and receiving the region’s vessels.

 Current projects status has also been presented in the meeting in both northern and southern sectors and also infra-structure works in both sectors industrial regions.  

 The meeting was attended by Dr. Sahar Nasr, investment and international cooperation minister and admiral/ Adel El Ghadban, Port Said governor, admiral/ Yassin Taher, Ismailia governor and board of directors’ members of experience and also northern and southern region authority head deputies.   


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