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Alex port: reviving maritime transport with investments 10milliard pounds.

  In the shed of enormous and rapid development in the field of ports and maritime transport in the world and following president Sisi instructions to give concern to Economic Region East Port Said, there are investment projects and developments in the field of maritime transport at Alexandria governorate that aims at facilitating international maritime trade to Egypt and providing services for competitive ports and reinforcing port’s capacity to meet the needs of clients in the future.  Such huge investments made the port more capable of attracting trade and maritime transport making it preserving 60% of Egypt’s foreign trade and possessing international trade mark.

  Admiral/ Medhat Attia, head of board of directors of Alex port general authority said that port’s revenues in past year was 1.5 milliard pounds and leaped double during only one year to achieve revenues of 3 milliard pounds, noting that after the port becoming first between Egyptian ports: achieving highest revenues for past fiscal year, it is now working to double it, especially that transport ministry gives great concern for developing maritime transport sector being one of  national economy pillars during the coming phase.  

 He also assured that he is keen to develop Alexandria port and setting plans for such developments depending on developed economic bases and ideas excelling traditional ones within the framework of clear general policies and promising ideas.  

 Attia has also added that the port is an important strategic facility helping in building Egyptian national economy, where it establishes many projects continuously that revive Egyptian economy and is self-financing such giant projects  that creates direct and indirect job opportunities; where we have many projects capable of increasing port’s capacity  and raising performance rates  and creating job opportunities for youth.  


  Attia also added that Alex port gives concern to infra- structure, roads and bridges network in order to apply multi-purpose transport where it also seeks to activate cargo transport by railways, and by land through roads, and bridges and also through river transport. Also the port’s authority has raised the efficiency of” 27 bridge” that links Alex port with coastal international road with a cost exceeding 60 million

 The authority is also establishing two linkages: one at Dekheila to link Dekheila with coastal international road with a cost more than 40 million pounds and  implemented by 95% up till now to lighten the traffic load on Dekheila and Betash areas: where trucks traffic will be directly from port to international road.  In addition to “54 bridge “that links the port with coastal international road from gate 54 region with a cost of nearly 350 million pounds.


 Attia has also pointed out that the port has signed several contracts during past few months amongst which the contract of establishing an environmentally friend terminal with international specifications for unclean bulk at Dekheila port with a cost of 3 milliard pounds and with a complete Egyptian investment.  Also a contract for establishing a multi floor garage at Alex port on an area of 15 thousand cubic meter and of storage capacity 2800 car and investment cost of 300 million pound Moreover, a liquid bulk terminal contract has been signed at Dekheila port using BOT system for a period of 15 years and the cost of establishment has reached 50 million pounds and the authority has signed many contracts for constructing 8 maritime units equipped with modern international navigation system and other for maintenance  of other maritime units that exist at port, this in order to support the port’s fleet and providing with developed services for vessels and total cost for such units has reached about milliard pounds.   


  Undergoing is a study for the establishment of a multi- purpose terminal at Alex port amongst other areas and for Customs for the first time at the port. Attia also said that the authority is concerned to study best exploitation of lands that have been added lately to the port.

 In a similar context the authority is communicating with concerned bodies  to issue  required decrees  to join another area reaching 7.1 km square  for the establishment of a logistic region, and in this respect he said that the authority  has started coordinating between the governorate, transport ministy and concerned bodies  to accomplish procedures of such area, especially after president Sisi gave his instructions  for the necessity of the existence of a logistic hinterland behind each port.  Pointing out that such area will make a leap at Alex port, especially that it aims at reinforcing river transport role, added value industry and transporting cargo by railways. It also aims at glorifying handling capacity and storage areas and receiving many commodities and lightening traffic load of Alexandria city.  


IMO Secretary-General

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