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Transport minister: 2018 maritime transport year.

  Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister said that 2018 is the year of maritime transport whether for Suez Canal Economic region projects or for maritime ports affiliated to transport ministry at the Red Sea and Alexandria.

  He also added in Press statements that the Armed Forces Engineering authority is establishing a multi-purpose terminal at Damietta port    on an area of 6560 m2  and with a cost of milliard, 200 million pounds with self - financing from the port, declaring that the terminal will be accomplished by end of this year so that the port’s capacity  will be 27 vessels daily.  

 He again pointed out that European Emar Bank  will accomplish New Alexandria port feasibility study  by next June; and which  includes establishment of a comprehensive logistic region  so that Alex port will become one of the environmentally friend modern ports . Also declaring that the ministry has started studies concerning establishment of a multi purpose terminal at Safaga port to serve development projects of the Golden Triangle and another at Nuweiba’ , this after signing of a memorandum of understanding with one of the Chinese companies.   

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