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Prime minister: government gives great concern to developing maritime transport system.

 Prime minister engineer/ Sherif Ismail has met with Kitac Lim IMO secretariat  in the attendance of Dr. Hesham Arafat, transport minister to debate means of reinforcing existing cooperation relationships with the organization(IMO).   

 Ismail stressed on Egyptian government concern with the vital organization role in treating international navigation issues: what prompt Egypt to become a candidate and gain IMO membership; to open new cooperation horizons and benefit from the organization experience in many subjects.

 Prime minister also pointed out that Egypt is looking forward for cooperating with the organization; organizing training programs and workshops with the participation of several countries aiming at increasing capabilities and potentials and exchanging experiences in the field of maritime navigation, in addition to increasing cooperation with the organization in the field of environment preservation.  

  He also added that the government gives great concern to develop maritime transport system and maritime ports; where he reviewed accomplished national projects in this field, amongst which New Suez Canal,  and what have been established  of Economic Zones  to fulfill maximum  benefit of available  potentials  in Egypt; assuring that  the aim of establishing the New Canal is not only limited to   doubling available maritime navigation volume:  in front of international trade traffic, in order to save time and expenditure,  but also creating an investment economic region to activate  investment and industry and benefitting from  existing  potentials  to become a center for  activating international trade, exporting and navigational services.  Declaring that it provides an opportunity to become a logistic services center for the whole world and a window for African countries in general  

  Moreover, prime minister has pointed out that Egypt has suggestions for a navigational link between countries at Victoria Lake and the Mediterranean to support trade and investment at Africa

  He also pointed out to what countries undergo to develop infra-structure in the field of roads and bridges in the projects of generating electricity, water, housing and others; serving permanent development in general and facilitating trade locally and abroad.

  From his side Mr. Lim has praised economic restoration that the Egyptian government undergo in cooperation with IMO, and the role Egypt undergo in its different activities and its main and subcommittees to achieve the organization’s goals.  He also showed his appreciation for Egyptian attitude to activate trade with the African continent to cope with international efforts;  facilitating trade exchange traffic as done and applied in other regions in the world; expressing his appreciation  for the great role of the New Suez Canal that serves navigational traffic  and maritime trade in the whole world.  And finally d eclaring that he is assure of the capability of the Egyptian maritime transport system in its cooperation to serve different maritime transport sectors in Africa and undergoing an important role between the organization member countries.  



IMO Secretary-General

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