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ElSisi: Suez Canal revenues have increased with a rate of 250 million dollars

President ElSisi said that amongst the targets of New Suez Canal is entrance of free currency for the state and encompassing of new generation of vessels; pointing out that Suez Canal income has increased with a percentage of 5% under current operating circumstances with a rate of 250 million dollars.

  He also added during “Ask President” session at the “story of a nation” conference that Suez Canal facility has been prepared for the coming 30 years to meet the need of navigation and trade, adding that Egypt benefits totally from the channel through the Suez Canal Economic region’s entity, pointing out that the Suez Canal will work to retrieve 60 thousands Km in Sinai that are neglected.   

 ElSisi has declared that financial expenditure of the Canal is about 68 milliard pounds that have been collected from the citizens themselves, after week difficult period they passed by since 2011, proving their capability to work instead of taking any loans in dollars from international enterprises.

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