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Mameesh: Suez Canal records a new score during past three days.



 Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Suez Canal region Economic general authority, said that navigational traffic at the Canal has witnessed during past three years  a new score in number and tonnages of vessels  crossing Suez Canal navigational channel.

  He added in a statement yesterday that 160vessels have crossed from both directions with total tonnages reaching 10 million, 500 thousand ton, and number of crossing vessels from the north was 68 vessels with tonnages 5million, 500 thousand ton.

  He also pointed out that the Canal has witnessed crossing of 18 giant vessels, amongst vessels crossing during these three days, with tonnages ranging from 150/ 220 thousand ton per vessel.  Whereas 15 vessel of less category tonnages ranging from 100/150 thousand ton per vessel have also crossed the Canal

  Mameesh has also declared that navigational traffic at the canal from the north direction was headed by the container vessel “MOL TRUTH” classified as biggest container vessel in the world, and that had crossed the canal with 216 thousand ton in its voyage coming from France towards UAE, whereas giant Denmark container vessel MONACO MAERSK headed the south convoy of tonnage 220 thousand ton in its voyage coming from Malaysia to Spain.   

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