Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Awaa) Start 16 October - Duration 13 day ، Autumn

Crossing of 278 vessel the Suez Canal of tonnage 16.9 million ton during 6 days

Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority said that navigation traffic at the canal has witnessed during past six days,  as from Sunday to Friday, passage of 278 vessel of tonnage 16.9 million ton  amongst which 1312 vessel from the north with tonnage 8 million, 400 thousand ton and 145 vessel from the south, the new canal , of tonnage  8 million, 500 thousand ton.

 Navigational reports issued from the  Suez Canal authority have revealed  that the navigational channel  has witnessed last Sunday passage of 48 vessel with tonnages 2million, 400 thousand ton, Tuesday 53 vessel crossed the canal  of tonnages 3 million, 900 thousand ton, Wednesday 40 vessel of tonnage 2.3 million ton from both directions. The Canal navigational channel has witnessed crossing of 46 vessel of tonnage 2.6 million, whereas Friday  50 vessel passed with tonnages 3 million , 100 thousand ton so that the total during 6 days only  has reached 278 vessel of tonnage 16.9 million ton.