Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Maritime transport holding company: allocating 100feddan at East Port Said for the establishment of a logistic region.

 Admiral/ Mohamed Youssef, head of board of directors of Land and maritime transport holding company said that Suez Canal Region Economic authority has approved allocating 100feddsan at East Port Said to the holding company for the establishment of a logistic region, in addition to the existence of a dry port at “ElAsher Ramadan “city that affiliates Port Said company for Containers and that enjoys Customs privileges.

  Youssef has also added that his company has raised a claim to head of Suez Canal Economic authority, vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, to attain the right of operation of East Port Said Container terminal, in addition to development of West Port Said container terminal with investments mounting to 700 million dollar in participation with many entities to finance such giant project.  

  Youssef has also pointed out to inviting companies to the Stock amongst the government program; an investment decision that concerns the holding company so that it can rely on when needed, declaring that are already three companies presented forth at Stock, and consent for capital increase that is paid for Alexandria Containers Company has been made from 739 million pounds to 744 million pounds.

  Moreover, results of the holding company has shown achieving 4.800 milliard pounds net profit  during fiscal year 2016/2017 , taking into consideration currency difference  in the budget.