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Mameesh reviews most important developmental projects and achievements at the Canal region.

Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal economic authority has reviewed, during his word in front of president Sisi during celebrating inauguration of a number of developmental projects at the Canal region, most important fulfilled achievements at the Suez Canal region.

First of which comes the two floating bridges: martyr Ahmed Mansi bridge and martyr Abanob Gerges bridge that link east the canal with West the canal; declaring that such projects at the canal will participate in increasing the added value of the canal and its revenues and its surrounding area and also reinforcing the infra-structure, again will help with providing job opportunities for youth.  He also added that this bridges chain will continue further to lighten the burden on the citizen. That is to say, this bridges chain has started with ElNasr bridge last year and now we are inaugurating the second phase with these two bridges at Ismailia and kantara in accordance with modern international standards; providing safety and security with efficiency, where they open and close within minutes instead of spending three hours before. 


Worth noting that all such bridges are established by the authority’s companies and not a single nail from abroad has entered its implementation, as Mameesh declared, this to link Sinai with the homeland.


Sisi also witnessed the petroleum services vessel” Ahmed Fadel” which is the biggest vessel in the Middle East  for petroleum services  which is now ready for work and will provide with foreign currency, and has been named by vice admiral Fadel name, previous authority head, in an appreciation to his efforts. The vessel is equipped for carrying submarines of depth two thousand meter underneath  earth surface and works by DP2 system. Its length is 90m, width 18.8m and tonnage 4.44 and equipped with modern gas units and works with high technology; ROV.

 The president has also visited the tunnels underneath the Canal after accomplishment of dredging works in a ranking span of time:  only one and a half year, to be ready for work by 30/6/2018.  


  On the other hand, Mameesh has pointed out that international trade traffic at the canal has witnessed an increase, this month, of more than 12% and crossing of biggest number of vessels the navigational channel, which reflects with prosperity making the region attracting more investors from all over the world. Investment law has helped in this with its granted privileges and actually  6 new investment contracts have been signed in the region of total 40 million dollars, and this was not to happen without this comprehensive development of the infra-structure  that the Egyptian youth undergone and which has provided for them many job opportunities. 

 By this way the canal corridor has become an example for Egypt’s new future with its distinguishable location at the center of the world continents: allowing it to become an international marketing center and the economic region ports have become an attractive zone for investors from all over the world.