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Mameesh: increase in number of crossing vessels reflect importance of New Suez Canal.

  Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal Economic Region general authority said that navigational traffic at the Canal whether in number or tonnages of crossing vessels and their daily increasing revenues is a merit certificate for the Canal authority   and its loyal officials and reflects importance of the Canal for international trade traffic.   Where it is considered a thermometer for international trade traffic and consequent variables in international economic indicators and new trends in maritime transport industry  


 He pointed out that the new Canal had its great impact on increase in number of crossing vessels; where average crossing during past three months has reached more than 50 vessels daily, and this is a positive indicator for navigational traffic at the Canal   and also a result of improvement in international trade traffic and nourishing economy in China.  


Mameesh has assured that marketing Canal policy has participated in attracting greatest number of giant vessels to cross the Canal in addition to reductions granted to crossing vessels with a percentage reaching 50% for some vessels and all such factors have participated in encouraging vessels’ crossing the navigational channel.


  He also added that continuity of such policy has proved its success: its dues will be fixed during the coming year 2018 same as in 2017 and that this fixing decision is now being studied according to international trade traffic: fixing also does not mean a loss but maximum benefit of all types of crossing vessels from all over the world.


  Mameesh continued that the Canal revenues during current November  have reached 455.8 million dollars against 389.2 million dollars during the same month  last year with an increase  of 17.1%, and such revenues  is equivalent to  7.998 milliard Egyptian pounds against 6.088 milliard pound during same period; with an increase of 31.2% and that navigational traffic has recorded during November 2017  crossing of 1506 vessels against  1366 vessels in November 2016; With an increase of 10.2%   tonnages reaching 893 million ton in November 2011  against 77.8 in November 2016 with an increase of 14.8% and it has just recorded a high score in daily tonnages so ever with total tonnages 50 million ton and passage of 74 giant vessels, crossing vessels from the north are 50vessels with tonnages  3.1 million ton whereas 24 vessels from the south have crossed the new navigational channel of tonnages 2.1 million ton.