Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Mameesh: British investments at Suez Canal corridor soon

  Vice admiral/ Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal Economic Region authority has assured during his visit to London the existence of investment opportunities at the Region mentioning also advantages of such investment atmosphere, especially the plan concerning operation of new containers’ terminals at East port said after implementing and handing over new berths that will work beside actually working terminals.  

 The region in a statement has said that during the visit there has been a presentation for the plan of establishing logistic regions in it.  And benefitting from vessels’ traffic and maritime navigation at ports affiliated to it.   

  Mameesh has also added that infra-structure implementing rates and also establishing new berths and accomplishment of industrial region at East Port Said and industrial regions affiliated to the Economic Region is going on in an ideal way in accordance with the set plan.

 Mamessh has also met with Kim Vaiver, executive head of AP Moller Company Capital and a delegation from the company’s officials who expressed their great desire to invest in the Region, especially in the field of infra- structure, roads, ports’ development and vessels’ bunkering, where the Region is distinguished by its investment opportunities, especially in affiliated ports and establishing logistic regions representing an important backyard for such ports.  

  Mameesh also said that his propagating tour in Germany and London has made great success most important of which is the return of navigational lines to the Economic region. Also agreeing with the European bank  to redevelop and finance establishment of a new desalination terminal at Ain ElSukhna also the strong desire of British companies  to pump new investments in Egypt, especially the region. 

 He again pointed out to desire of companies working in the field of pharmaceutics and medical devices  to pump investments and establishing industries in the Region.