Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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TM and SCA propagate nomination of Egypt in IMO elections

 Vice admiral Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority has received together with admiral Tarek Ghanim, head of maritime transport sector, ambassadors and representatives of 47 foreign country within the framework of preparing and propagating for Egypt’s nomination  in International maritime organization IMO council category”C” , this as we come closer to elections date assigned in November/ December 2017.

 During the meeting they shed light on Egypt’s central role in maritime transport sector and its participation in facilitating trade and preserving the environment in accordance with IMO.

 Mameesh accompanied foreign ambassadors’ delegation in a maritime tour at the Canal where he reviewed developments in the Canal and investment projects in the Canal corridor in addition to achievements on earth, also the infra-structure including dredging of the giant tunnels to facilitate crossing trade traffic between East and West and linking them with international trade traffic so that Egypt will continue undergoing its role serving international maritime transport.   

 From his side Ghanim said that transport ministry TM cooperates with foreign ministry and Suez Canal Authority SCA   and all state’s concerned bodies to encourage and support for Egyptian nomination for IMO executive council membership, especially that Egypt confronts a fierce competitiveness  this year in the organization’s elections.

 He also added that Egypt was a member of the organization since its foundation in the year 1958: pointing out that Egypt was capable in previous elections session of achieving a great victory by its membership in the executive council and getting a great number of votes as a result of cooperation between all state’s concerned entities with foreign affairs ministry   

 Worth noting that  the organization is one of UN specialized agencies  that is responsible of maritime transport and its activities  and its main goals concentrate on  fulfilling maritime safety, maritime security and protection of maritime environment and supporting member countries increasing their capabilities in such fields.