Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
  • Mediterranean Sea Next Kasem Start 4 December - Duration 5 days ، Extern storms
  • Red Sea Next Almorbaaniya (El-Eklil) Start 7 December - Duration 13 day ، The beginning of the cold
  • Red Sea El-Wasm (El-Zabana) Start 24 November - Duration 13 day ، Autumn

Mameesh:”East Port Said” hope of Egypt’s ports and desired from investors.

Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal economic region said that East Port Said is the hope of Egypt’s ports to continue advancing worldwide.

 He also added that East Port Said is desirable from investors who come to invest day after another, noting that the more the state is politically safe the more investment is.

 Mameesh also pointed out that the Canal region is one of the best economic regions around the world; where north of which is East Port Said port and south is Ain ElSukhna port