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Commencement installing new floating bridge above Canal at Ismailia

  Suez Canal authority has started installing the body of new floating bridge at zone number 6 at Ismailia city and Port Said shipyard has accomplished  installing metal parts of the bridge, Suez Canal authority has named the new bridge by the name of martyr Ahmed Mansi who died during an armed attack of the armed forces in Sinai.

 Vice admiral, Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority has visited the site where the bridge is installed and followed coordination procedures between the bridge and vessels traffic at the Canal.

 The bridge is considered one of three important new linkages between the two Canal banks. In addition to ferries’ facility: starting by ElNasr bridge at Raswa zone at Port Said, a new bridge  at zone number 6 at new channel of the Canal, a bridge infront of ElKantara city, the three bridges aim at facilitating traffic  directed to or from the port.  

 The Suez Canal intends establishment of another three bridges, two of which  at Sarabyoon zone and another bridge  at north Suez zone; so that number of mobile bridges  above the Canal will reach 6 by the end of 2018, in addition to ElNasr bridge at Port Said which was operated last December.

 Eng. Sayed Abu ElFottouh, shipyard Dept. manager at the Canal, said that cost of bridge establishment has reached 100million pound and that the bridge parts have arrived on one of giant elevator of maritime Port Said shipyard to be installed at Kilo 76.

   The length of the floating bridge reaches 255m, wideth15m, and its operation periods are expected to be from 6-10 hours; not to contradict with Canal navigational channel; assuring that operation and closure of bridge will not exceed about 10minutes.  

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