Current Nawat at Egyptian ports
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Mameesh: crossing of 146vessl the Suez Canal of total tonnage 10.4million ton.

Vice admiral, Mohab Mameesh, head of Suez Canal authority and of Canal economic region general authority has announced that navigational traffic at the Canal has recorded   a new score in number and tonnages of crossing vessels throughout past three days; by the passage of 146 vessel from both directions  with total tonnages 10.4 million ton. Number of crossing vessels from the north 78 vessel of tonnage 6.1million ton, whereas 68 vessel crossed from the south at the new navigational channel of the canal of tonnage 4.3 million vessel

 Moreover, the Canal has witnessed passage of 19giant vessel during the past three days of tonnages ranging from 150-220 thousand ton per vessel  , whereas 22 vessels of less tonnage category ranging from 100-150 thousand ton  per vessel have also passed. Navigational traffic from north direction comes first two container vessels of tonnages 200thousamnd ton each;  giant Denmark MARIT MAERSK, MARIBO MAERSK and giant biggest container vessel from the south AL NEFUD of tonnage 200 thousand ton flying Malta flag.  

 Head of Suez Canal authority has assured on the increase in number and tonnages of crossing vessels proving that the Canal is main link between east and West; which is considered the most important hub in international trade courses, pointing out that the authority has followed a number of flexible marketing policies to attract new navigational lines, the authority has also commenced applying a number of logistic projects amongst Suez Canal region development project.

Mameesh has also stressed that Suez Canal region development project will be the hero in the coming period; where the tunnels, that are to be implemented underneath the Canal, will play a vital role in linking between Sinai reign with rest of reigns and governments in Egypt; where ferries are no more sufficient to achieve required linkage, pointing out that Sinai should be treated as core of Egypt where it represents 20% of Egypt’s area.  


 Mameesh has also declared that next youth conference which is to be held at Sharm ElSheikh will witness a special session about developmental projects at Suez Canal   region.

 From his side head of Suez Canal authority Economic unit, Sayed Abu Elfottouh has given an idea about Suez Canal revenues during first nine months of current year compared with the year 2016, pointing out that this year has witnessed increase in number of crossing vessels and tonnages, which participated in increase of authority revenues whether dollars or pounds.